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Mt 20:1-16 "Why do you stand here idle all day?"

That is a question which might seem odd to us. IDLE, who has time to be IDLE? The question we may be being asked is, In our busy life, why are we IDLE in our Spiritual life? When do we have time for HIM? GOD may be asking. " Why do you stand here IDLE all day?" - Have we made our Morning Offering? If we begin our day, as soon as our feet hit the ground, and offer our day to GOD, our day will go better. It may be just as hectic, but we will be more peaceful. - Have we stopped during the day to make a Spiritual Communion? Do we allow our hearts to desire to be united to JESUS? - Have we spent 20-30 min in meditation? If we make the time, we will find the time. Did we sit and chat with GOD- building the most important relationship in our lives? - If we are so blessed, Have we been to morning mass? Do we long to receive JESUS- body, blood, soul and divinity?

"Why do you stand here idle all day?"

Right now, as we are reading this nudge from the Holy Spirit, let us ask " GOD, where am I IDLE in my Spiritual life?" Then, wait for HIM to answer.

St. Pius X, pray for us.


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