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Can a blind person guide a blind person?

Let us pray for our family, especially for anyone who has left the church.

Phil 2:15d, 16a

“Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit?

“A good tree does not bear rotten fruit, nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit.

A good person out of the store of goodness in his heart produces good, but an evil person out of a store of evil produces evil; for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

We must be prudent about whom we follow, and whose advice, or counsel we seek. We must be kind and charitable to all, but we must NOT trust all. There are many voices in the world, but so few speak the Truth.

CCC 1806 Prudence is the virtue that disposes practical reason to discern our true good in every circumstance and to choose the right means of achieving it

Prudence is both acquire by one's own acts and infused at the same time as sanctifying grace. It is natural as developed by us, and supernatural because it is conferred by God.

As Lent approaches, let us prayerfully reflect on the Voices in our lives, and with prudence avoid those Voices that are not bearing fruit. Hopefully, after this 40 day journey, we may find that those Voices have lost importance, have lost their influence, and have simply slipped away.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.


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