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Climb the mountain

Psalm 24 Who can ascend the mountain of the LORD?

We have been encouraged and challenged this Advent( this little Lent) to PREPARE, REPENT, REJOICE, and BELIEVE. We have been given the opportunity to dwell on the majesty and holiness of God.

So when asked "Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord?", we may ask ourselves: Have we drawn near to God? Have we desired to learn His word? Have we asked to recognize His voice?

The reality is that none of us is worthy to "stand in his holy place". None of us can say our "hands are sinless", our "heart is clean" our "desire is not what is vain."

But Our Lord does not place an impossible task before us. He desires eternity with us. He shows us The Way.

Human strength and human desire is not enough. We need Holy assistance. The best way to open ourselves to His Holy assistance is prayer- meditation - spending time with Him.

"Such is the race that seeks for him, that seeks the face of the God of Jacob."

A race has: a starting line/ seek effort / prayer- meditation finish line/ stand in His holy place

Let us climb the mountain of His dwelling place and gaze upon His beauty. Let us complete the race and abide with God.

Prepare, Repent, Rejoice, Believe

Get ready! He's coming!


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