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OUGHT to hear

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Mt 13:36-43 "Whoever has ears OUGHT to hear.”

MANY of us continue to act as children. A parent explains that the stove is hot, yet MANY children will still reach out to touch - they do not trust the wisdom of the parent. And so for MANY, through teenage years and into adulthood- they do not trust the wisdom of others.

This is true for MANY of us with God. What is sin? Sin is us not trusting the wisdom of God.

Jesus says, "Whoever has ears OUGHT to hear.” HE does not say Can hear. HE says OUGHT to hear.

We have the truth - the wisdom of God, from the first words of the Bible, to the teaching of HIS church - We have the truth. We OUGHT to hear!

It's really That Simple. We OUGHT to hear.

St. Peter Chrysologus, pray for us.


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