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our labor for souls

We think that we are unique, but history proves that it has all been done before. Each era had it's own take on things, and each tyrant had his own "flare", but it is just the same thing.

St. Francis Xavier died in 1552. After Saint Ignatius sent him to the Indies, he encountered those who should have been his allies, his supporters, and yet because of jealousy, covetousness, and carelessness they opposed his work, evangelizing.

Regardless of the difficulties he encountered, nothing swayed him from his labor for souls.

We too must not be swayed. If tv reports, newspaper articles, or fb posts cause doubt or fear, we must turn our eyes toward heaven and seek the only source of Truth.

Our knowledge, our courage and our calling comes from above. The only voice to trust and to believe is the loving voice of Our Almighty God.

We must not be swayed from our labor for souls.

St. Francis Xavier, pray for us


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