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Rose, not pink

Sir 48:1-4, 9-11

So much imagery: the prophet Elijah, words as a flaming furnace, staff of bread shattered, reduced to straits; taken aloft in a whirlwind of fire, a chariot with fiery horses.

Mt 17:9a, 10-13

I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him but did to him whatever they pleased...Then the disciples understood that He was speaking to them of John the Baptist."

We are about to begin the THIRD week of Advent ( Gaudete Sunday/Joy Sunday). Have we Prepared the Way of the Lord? Have we Repented? Have we heeded the words of John the Baptist?

It's not too late. Let's not just celebrate Advent, Let's joyfully LIVE Advent.

Prepare, Repent, Await the coming of the Lord with Joy.


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