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Is 40:1-11 "...Here is your God! Here comes with power, the LORD God, who rules by his strong arm;

Like a shepherd he feeds his flock;

in his arms he gathers the lambs,Carrying them in his bosom,

and leading the ewes with care."

A COMPLETE description of our God.

He is all powerful, He is all loving, He is all caring. He is everything to us and for us.

When we need protection- He comes with power When we need correction- He rules by His strong arm When we need guidance- He is our shepherd When we need comfort- He carries us close to His bosom When we need instruction- He leads us.

God is POWER and LOVE. He is STRENGTH and TENDERNESS. He is everything we need, and He chooses to be everything for us.

Whatever is placed before you today, look to God, pray with God, offer to God, lean on God, learn from God, trust in God and know HERE IS YOUR GOD!

St. Damasus I, pray for us


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