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Jn 12:24–26 Jesus said, "The Father will honor whoever serves me.”

THAT IS OUR GOAL! To serve Jesus. To serve Jesus at home, at work, in the world and at church.

To serve Jesus by living HIS word, sharing HIS teaching, showing dignity to HIS children.

To serve Jesus we must prepare ourselves through Prayer, Adoration, and The Sacraments.

To serve Jesus through the Corporal Works of Mercy: To feed the hungry, To give water to the thirsty,To clothe the naked,To shelter the homeless,To visit the sick,To visit the imprisoned, and To bury the dead.

To serve Jesus through the Spiritual Works of Mercy: To instruct the ignorant, To counsel the doubtful, To admonish sinners, To bear wrongs patiently, To forgive offenses willingly, To comfort the afflicted, To pray for the living and the dead.

THAT IS OUR GOAL! As we meditate, let us ask GOD how HE wishes us to serve HIM today.

Jesus said, "The Father will honor whoever serves me.”

St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr, pray for us.


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