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trash heap, burning, stench

Let us pray for our parish priest.

Mk 9:41-50

It is better for you to enter into life maimed than with two hands to go into Gehenna, into the unquenchable fire.

Gehenna- the trash heap, constantly burning, with a terrible stench. Hell is REAL.

Jesus is using extreme language to get our attention. Anything that causes us to sin, ANYTHING, especially those worldly things that seem as precious to us as a hand, a foot, an eye MUST be excised from our lives.

Lent is fast approaching. What a beautiful season! 40 days for us to examine, to search, and to prepare for the ultimate celebration- the Easter Season. Easter is such a precious encounter, that we celebrate for a Season. So too with Lent. The opportunities of Lent are so precious that they too require a Season.

Our eyes should always be focused on Heaven, on Easter, BUT we must never lose sight of Hell.

Let us pray today, to notice one thing that is blocking our path to Heaven, to the eternal Easter. Then let us pray for the strength and the grace to break free, to kick that stumbling block out of the way, so we do not stray off the path.

Matt 7:14 "narrow the way which leads into life, and few there are who find it."


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