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Psalm 106 They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons.

There is much evil in the world. We must decide on whether we choose GOD or political correctness.

Which do we fear more? The wrath of GOD or the acceptance of those around us.

Our decision will not only affect us, but those around us, our sons and daughters, and generations to come.

The rich young man, in today's gospel (Mt 19:16-22), followed the commandments, but could not live the commandments.

We CANNOT be Catholic ONLY on Sunday, and ONLY at church. WE MUST LIVE CATHOLIC.

He "went away sad." Do we choose sadness? Do we choose separation from GOD? Do we choose eternal punishment? That is the path we are on every time we choose the world- every time we choose political correctness- every time we choose things ( approval, acceptance, lukewarmness).

WE MUST LIVE CATHOLIC. Every time, Every choice - Every thing MUST BE GOD. Today, let's LIVE CATHOLIC.

St. John Eudes, pray for us.

"A man is no true Christian if he has no devotion to the Mother of Jesus Christ."


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